Hello Meadow

Buried stems Breaching soil Slumbered under the tortured skies Bellowing meadows Strung by streams Latched at hand With gazing trees

Societies normality

Don’t you grow weaker trying to appeal to the eye of a man pining fools gold? I’m getting tired of possessing an image upholding the standards of societies normality. I was tired too, but I decided to wake up.

It was You

Lost on the path Of death and decay No footsteps were found Except for today The shadows danced like foreign figurines Holding her hand Abiding with the seed As they sang in rejoice That a garden was in bloom New colors and auras Of now and forever Intrigued she fell deeper To taste the vibrant…

Pages of Pine

She told him she loves the scent of pine on her lips He tastes like mint now He told her she speaks like words from his favorite book She wrote a novel With pages of pine And no ending


She’d give up a month of happiness To hear his laugh Because to hear his laugh Fills a month of happiness


There’s a globe on her nightstand That her eyes gaze onto When she drifts to sleep at night There’s a song that she plays on repeat So missing him hurts less There’s a sun that shines upon her chest When she craves his honey kiss There’s a hint to every letter in I Love You…

Let go, hold on

When the petals fell off of the lily Like a melancholy day in October She fluttered so gently Grasping onto the stem.


I saw the man in a suit arrive with a phone screen glued to his face and a bill in his hand. Across the room I watched as a man whose clothes were covered in debris held a smile on his face and a rose in his hand.

What Love has taught me

Lust runs away from the idea of falling Love runs with you until you reach the peak Lust passes out on your couch at 3am Love gets tired but never falls asleep Lust makes you cry Love cries with you Lust holds a bottle of liquor Love holds your hand Lust shouts “I just got…


We accept the idea…at first Until the idea becomes flaws And that’s all we will see Till the image is raw Till we cease to breathe

He is Love

You can’t claim love Until it calls at 3am Bursting open Like a window with flame Or when the hunger settles in And a plate doesn’t suffice the craving When love calls in the morning It wakes so gently Tingling in your toes Vastly spreading to your lungs Where you would take a breath As…