Solitude Breeze Waves brushing gently Bursting at my feet As the ember horizon Slowly shifts to a gaze Moments like now Hard to replace  Happiness At its finest  Shifting the ocean rays Lie with me in silence Stay with me for days Living merely on reliance On the sun and times grace.

The Era

That smile Oh God that smile Hidden gestures  Escaping eras of blossoms Those eyes Crimson and kind  Captivating my mere existence  Drowning out  Slowest grind  Simmer down Running out of time  Seeking I’ll find you  In another decade Then we will realize  Through life and age  A feeling Never fades.


We don’t have to talk much From those nights apart When our souls froze suddenly Stretched in half  Last glance into those eyes Melancholy The feeling Fingertips gliding gently Hands grasping tightly  Your gaze was upon her Mine on you Never so lightly Words turn to a haze  As I look in your eyes As time…

 Wait For You

He wants the forest I’ll be the trees Winds brushing gently  From what we can see As rocks hit the bottom Of our worn out shoes Torn out and struck down As lightening prevails  Scorching suddenly Disappears the breeze Something wet hits my parched lips For your mouth isn’t there Rainfall I fall Soaked between…

Written for you 

Unexpected One day here Shortly brushed away by leaves As she leaves  Only thought on his mind What have I done wrong  Was she not the one It all felt so real “Through time it will heal” They preach to you  Words of blasphemy  Time doesn’t heal  So choose to You deserve it Happiness The kind…

Crimson Gold 

Lost in timeWe Put on hold Visions of the past  Slowly growing old Reminisce aching long last kiss Eager souls fading  Sheer bliss You gave me  Creatively so unspoken Breached levels left broken A healing moment As I held onto what’s left  Dissolving into dust Colidiscoping drifting swiftly  Through these fingertips  As time settles to…

Cutting Creases

And you left me like remains Of the tea you let sit out Cold now and settled Awaiting a drought.  

I’m too late

I love you I thought  My mouth remained shut  Things I never told you  Things I should have said  You’ll never forgive me For moments with your friend  I thought you wouldn’t mind You said you didn’t care  You left me like a journal  Hooded pages blank stare.


Your neck Pierced with lust Thought I wouldn’t notice It’s like traces of rust Scraped on your body Left out in the rain I hope it hurt like hell Catch a glimpse of my pain


Scorched by the sun I would rather be than to hear those words ” no longer” expel off your tongue and so it happened.